Exercises for stress relief can physical, mental, or spiritual. You can adapt your stress relieving exercise to suit your lifestyle, and make stress relief part of your daily routine.

Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercise is a highly effective way to manage stress, and can be scheduled and incorporated into a stress management plan.  When your body is in good physical condition it can greatly improve your mental outlook.

Physical exertion releases endorphins, which give us a natural ‘high’.  Endorphins are a group of peptides, neurochemicals released by the brain in response to pain or stress.  They act on the brain’s opiate receptors, reducing pain and enhancing pleasure.

They have been shown to alleviate depression and reduce stress and anxiety.

The important thing to remember here is that every little counts. You don’t have to be running marathons or completing Iron Man events to benefit from the stress management effects of endorphins.  Small steps first …

Stress Exercises for All

This website provides you with the tools to reduce the strress levels in your life. Review the exercises and options available to you and establish where your starting point should be.

It can be as simple as deep breathing. Find your level and work up from there.

From some gentle stretches through to demanding yoga or aerobics, stress relief exercises are suitable for all age ranges, genders and levels of ability.

Don’t forget the value of social interaction when doing your exercise. Participating along with a group or class can help with stress relief in itself, and provide social opportunities with like minded people to further benefit your life.

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